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Renaissance Banner Network
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About the Network:

The Renaissance Banner Network is a free way to promote your renaissance related website on other renaissance related websites. To participate you will need a 468x60 graphical banner (.gif or .jpg format, 20K or smaller in file size). Upon registration, you will receive some HTML code to place on your website. This code will display a random banner from another member on your page. For every banner displayed on your site, you earn a display credit. Display credits are used to determine how often your banner is shown on other sites.

We currently use a "1:1" ratio: for every one banner your site displays, you earn one display on another site.

If your site is currently not getting many visitors, it will be difficult for you to earn display credits. To help you out (and help us out), you can sponsor this site with a small donation. Those who donate will be given free exposures without needing to earn display credits. Please contact us if you would like more details.

The Rules :

To make things fair for everyone, we have a few rules:

  1. Your website must be renaissance themed or provide a service of interest to the renaissance community.

    Some examples of acceptable sites include: Renaissance fesitvals, merchants, performance troupes, SCA, and guilds. Under no circumstances will non-renaissance related banners be allowed. (If you run a gambling site, don't even bother signing up. You won't get in. Please stop trying.)

  2. You must agree to place the banner code on only one page in your site.

    To earn you the most exposures, it should be a page that gets visitors— placing the banner on a rarely visited "links" page won't help you out much. To get accepted, make sure the banner is actually on the page that your banner link code redirects to.

  3. You will not modify or alter the provided HTML code.

    It displays a 468x60 graphic and our credit logo below it. You must leave them both in, else we don't get any publicity for running this site. (That's all we get out of offering this free service.)


    The software has a "cheater log" that flags any account that appears to be doing things like reloading pages over and over again. If you need extra exposures to promote your site, please contact us and we will help you get them without cheating.

Why not register today? It's free! If you agree to the terms, click here to sign up.

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Renaissance Banner Network is a free service provided by AtTheFaire.com. As such, you get what you pay for. The service may go offline at any time, be unavailable for any reason, or screw up and require you to redo all your account settings. Though it hasn't ever done that ... yet! Participate at your own risk!